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WPC Technologies is recognized as a driving force in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for the coating industry - leading the way in corrosion and stain inhibitive technology. 

Established in 1974 (formerly Wayne Pigment Corp.) and headquartered in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, WPC Technologies is driven to provide high performance, high quality products and is committed to meeting the complex demands of the coatings' industry.

Corrosion Inhibitors

Recognized, traditionally, as the most effective pigment grade corrosion inhibitor, chromium-based pigment products have been used in corrosion inhibitive paint systems for years. WPC Technologies, the world's leading supplier of Strontium Chromate

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Wood Stain Inhibitors

Stainban® 180 is a zinc free aqueous tannin stain inhibitor pre-treatment for wood coatings. It provides optimum tannin stain inhibition on all woods species and does not adversely affect the adhesion of subsequently applied solvent or water based coatings to the wood.

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Flash Rust Inhibitors

Flash rust inhibitors are added to water-based coatings to stop the form of corrosion that occurs during the drying process. Without a flash rust inhibitor,water-soluble corrosion products migrate to the surface of the coating and appear as stains or rust spots.

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A compound or material deposited as a film on a metal surface that either provides physical protection against corrosive attack or reduces the open-circuit potential difference between local anodes and cathodes and increases the polarization of the former.

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WPC Technologies' philosophy is based on the cornerstone of Research, Innovation and Quality. We are driven to aid our customers by providing high performance, high quality corrosion and stain inhibitive products for the coatings' industry.

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Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America, United States

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WPC TechnologiesTM customers are some of the largest companies in the paint and coatings industry. Most importantly, however, WPC Technologies customers are our company's most important asset.


We work hand in hand with individuals throughout the paint and coatings industry striving to produce improved, environmentally compliant paint systems.


Let our experience, knowledge and expertise in corrosion and stain inhibitive technology help you meet the demands of producing superior paint systems.

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